Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Best in Her League

The bad weather in the East held me on Pittsburgh for a while. One morning I opened a newspaper and found that Madonna was giving a concert the next day at the CONSOL Energy Center. You may think it should be sold out, but there are always tickets for last minute buyers.  

First, you get to enjoy the show that the fans themselves put on. A collection of women in their forties wearing wedding dresses or having big hair ties with short shirts, as in Lucky Star. The crowd was full of nostalgia, which is ironic because Madonna itself is all about innovation.

The live show was the best I have seen, second only by The Wall. Madonna itself is a case study. Her legs have the strength of a thoroughbred horse and her energy makes any twenty years old pale. 

The usual sarcasm in these circumstances is to attribute all these to full-time trainers, surgery and money. But there are thousands of people with more resources and millions with more time which fitness doesn’t even approach this marvel. 

Underestimate the merits of virtue is one of the oldest tricks we use to avoid the responsibility of embracing it. This woman is a human delight and an industrial miracle. Even Elvis was heading down at his forties. Madonna packs stadiums around the world and arouses teenagers in her 50’s. This is the point when fans turn into devotees and brands become cults.

Seen her is a souvenir for pop culture and show business history.  

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