Sunday, October 7, 2012

Emerald Bay

Emerald Bay is so beautiful that it's dangerous. There's a narrow road running one thousand feet high, and people tend to stop trying to capture the view. But once you find the proper spot, your eyes can enjoy the image of an island that seems to be supported for the reflection of trees in a horizontal blue mirror.

If you park and walk down a trail, you arrive at a little Scandinavian style castle built in 1930 for someone who could afford to buy two hundred acres of land in the bay. Now the beach belongs to a national park and everybody can sneak in. The only island of the lake is in front of this castle, and a tea house remains on the top of it. Maybe because these things are not one hundred years old, people are allowed to go in private boats to the island and try to climb.

The sand at the bay looks like the chemistry games they used to sell on Christmas, full of samples of different pulverized metals. From there you can assess the devastating effects of an avalanche that ran from the top of the hills throwing rocks and trunks that missed the castle for not much in 1955.

I also got lost and ended in a river where red salmons were swimming stream up. Eventually, I found the way to the coast, walk to the ruins of an old luxury resort and came out to the main road.
Even in the day you less expect it, you are guaranteed to burn a ton of calories. 

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