Friday, October 26, 2012

Snow for beginners

Since I started this trip, I was clear on avoiding driving on snow, since I have no experience and I wouldn't like to acquire it in the curvy roads of an unknown mountain. So, as soon I hear the reports of snow hitting the northwest I headed to the east. Fortunately, it was already late. Had I succeed with my caution I would miss in one of the most beautiful sceneries I have ever seen.  

For the first time in my life, I saw the mountains covered with snow on the top. It is truly the whitest thing you can see. The contrast with arid rocks in the middle and green pines at the bottom was breathtaking. The day was entirely clear. I have never seen so much land towards the horizon without been on the air.

Then I found pines on both sides of the road, with the top half of the branches completely white and the bottom half still green. This is the first time I see natural Christmas decorations.

Then the scenery changed. The mountains turned into hills, more like a bunch of hands laid on the surface of the Earth, still holding snow between its fingers. But then I entered Utah, and the Rocky Mountains appeared on my left side. They had white winter at the top, red autumn in the middle and still green spring at the bottom. With the shadows of the sunset and the little villages of the meadows, it completed another landscape to reverence.

I stopped on the road to take pictures and in less than a minute a trooper with a very curious ascent knock my window. “Hi, I’m the officer Smith. I see that you are taking pictures. I recommend you a view point two miles ahead. We prefer to keep this area clear to prevent accidents. Have a nice day.” Where he came from? I didn’t see him pulling over. Well, no ticket, and I was impressed with the efficiency. 

I drove to the recommended spot, and after that, I stopped for a cup of French Vanilla in a 7-Eleven. The view from there was still beautiful, so I took my camera and shot a couple of pictures from the parking lot. I swear, less than three minutes later another trooper showed up smiling: “Hi, I’m the lieutenant Conrad, and I’m here because a neighbor called concerned about somebody filming his house. Are you shooting the mountains?” – looking at the plates – “Oh, Florida.  I guess you don’t have those down there. Ha, ha. Have a nice evening.” And he drove away.

Well, I feel secure in this city.  

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  1. Definitivamente quiero hacer ese viaje! Cada dia que te leo me antojo mas de sacar un mes de vacaciones e irnos a rodar por ahi :)