Sunday, September 23, 2012

Getting out of LA

You don’t arrive at Los Angeles, you penetrate the traffic.  I had plenty of time to contemplate the skyscrapers from the slow motion 101 highway in a beautiful sunset. Once you get there, you wonder if this city realizes how much it overgrew itself. 

At night, the neighbors park on both sides of the road while the streets have still traffic in both directions, making you feel like you are about to lose a rearview mirror at any moment.   

During the day I walked through Hollywood Boulevard and had that obligatory shot with the big sign on my back, but there was nothing in that city to hold me for another night, so I’m heading north.

My appetite is not for places where big things happened to other people. Those landmarks are just unanimated echoes of someone else’s dreams. My thirst is for contact with humans, and there are so many in LA that I found none.

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