Friday, September 21, 2012

Three Pictures

I left San Diego and keep traveling north in quest of images, stimulus and trouble. Before going further, I want to post three curious pictures I have on my camera.

Even by getting into a 7-Eleven you still sense the proximity with Mexico.  There is a brand of ice cream called Mexico, and they even have one flavor of cucumber with chili.  I bought one, thinking “yeah, right, it must be one of those artificial flavors that they approach by… Ahhh!!!!”  The freaking thing was actually spacy; to the point that I needed to go back to the store and buy some milk to dissipate the burn. That was terrible. The rest of the flavors are very good.

I also the spotted a pawn shop called “Monte De Piedad: (Mount of Mercy)”.  I picture immediately the customers crying over the counter to get their furniture back from the merciful pawn owner.

And the third picture was taken at a dollar store in downtown San Diego. At It turns out, Jesus is now a collectible plastic superhero. I found it ironic to see Christianity, that grew so vast and strong since the antiquity, to be reduced to another icon of urban mythology. 

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