Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Pacific Beach

Today I drove to Pacific Beach and La Jolla, also part of San Diego County.

I don’t know how South Beach keeps its popularity.  If you are looking for nice restaurants with tables at the open air, fountains, cafes and romantic hotels in an attractive beach setting and you live on the West coast, there is no need to go East.

This place is excellent for 30 something people ready to deliver that engagement ring. Everybody is walking in couples. There is a Hotel of small wood cabins built over a docket. You can even park your car in it.  That’s the place you want to be if you are a dead-hard photographer and want to capture a big tsunami coming directly from the open sea. But such a spectacular end is just for the few. Most will live on and complete the damage by getting married and have a set of wedding pictures in Balboa Park.

The city is not as clean as San Diego downtown, though.  There is a lot of money in the buildings but modest investment on the streets.  

After seen so many miles of restaurants, bars and nice hotels, you end up with the impression of having an economy that runs on oil and alcohol.

In the same city, I found a library of “Christian Science”. They’ll be very aggravated if you ask them for Tom Cruise, that’s “Scientology”. They have a whole article explaining the differences.  I also found a coalition of associations of atheists just for the San Diego Area. There are more than eighteen, including “San Diego Military Association of Atheists and Freethinkers ”, “San Diego New Atheists and Agnostics” and “San Diego Skeptics”. I’ve never been in a city where religious and non-religious people were so well organized.

I'm not surprised to find people of different believes getting organized. What always strike me is to keep finding people that think they can persuade others. If religion was nothing but a collection of theological reasons, that might be possible, but in reality, people use religion for social purposes; logic has nothing to do with their affiliation. So, I'm not trying to convert people to Zeus.

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