Saturday, September 1, 2012

Naked Sunset

Just colliding with the University of California there is a steep and dangerous cliff.  The land is open in width cracks where you can fit a truck.  Many years ago some people managed to build a trail that goes 300 foot deep, but it’s out of maintenance and I have to say it’s quite dangerous, and not just for American standards. Your steep gets accelerated with the inclination and suddenly you need to turn 90 degrees or fall to your death, as many have already done.  Add the fact that the earth has been moving lately here in San Diego.  I felt a 5.4 last Sunday that made me feel like home. 

But if you survive and get to the bottom of the cliff, you find one of the biggest groups of young naked people you'll ever find in the USA.  I remark young because since there are nudist beaches in Florida, the retirees make it look less sexy and more… natural.  Here you find the college educated skin that screams for attention, as Mother Nature has mandated.

There are actually two courts where people play naked volleyball. It seems that we have been wearing underwear for so many centuries that our bodies are no longer fit for those sprints after the ball.

The scenario is very photogenic. The sky is full of skydivers that challenge the edge of the cliff over a long mile of shiny tan butts.  It’s beautiful. 

Of course, the clothes are optional, so I got rid of everything as it’s expected for a man of my endeavors.

A twenty-two blonde stepped in front of me:

-          Nice.  How far can you get with that?
-          To the top of the cliff.
-           I need some binoculars like that.  Can you take pictures with them?
-          Yes, they have a memory inside.
-          Take me, take me!

And she and her friends started to jump around me. The atmosphere is that jokey. 

There are some groups camping at the bottom of the cliff, which is clearly prohibited, but they take their chances just for the experience in an open field.

I love the age when people feel this natural impulse of breaking the rules.  As individuals, they may experience some nasty consequences, but as a generation, they always manage to inject some progress and illusion to the human kind before they get lost in the tramp of paternity.   I honor that attitude over the corps of those who fell from the top of the cliff.

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