Thursday, August 23, 2012

Accidental Discovery

Small, very small wood made cozy houses, with flowers on the porch and small trees in the garden.  Non-crowded cafes with a dream setup for any college student.  You can fell sleep in the soft couches and then go back to a wide table where all your books are waiting under a lamp.  This place is not extremely popular so there is plenty of space where to park without the usual threatening tow signs. 

This was my accidental discovery today.  It’s called University Heights.  I haven’t seen before such a comfortable old neighborhood.  People actually live in these 100 years old houses, with small alleys separating them where no cars can pass through, so there are just gardens and cats lying around.  Calm and lovely.

In the cafes, college students are trying to concentrate in their lectures while a casual goddess gets in line for a “Spiced Chaid Latte” and robs all their concentration.  This one was wearing a green shirt with an opening in the lower back, revealing a discrete sun over her perfectly tan coccyx.  I told her that such a skin made me reconsider the existence of God.  She turned at me with her big green eyes that matched her blouse and smiled like a child in front of an ice cream cone.  How can there be no God when there are so many angels?

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