Thursday, August 16, 2012

So Nasty That It's Funny

I've been in nice hotels and there is very little to say about them that is not in the brochure.  But now that I stopped in the nastiest hotel I have found in the US so far, I have so much to say about it.

First, I thought I was given the address of a self-storage building when I arrived. Then a guy came out and told me how much it was per night.  I don’t know his nationality but is one of those people who always smell as if he just had a really spicy lunch.  His children were running around the family business.  You made a cash deposit for the little key of the room and go park in front of it.  The place is almost scary.  There are stains of food on the carpet and you can swear the furniture was just salvaged from a flooded building.  The lamps are crushed as if there was a fight inside, and the neighbors next door were actually having one.

There is water in the toilet, but the tub has a generous microscopic population that shows itself in black strings in the form of branches and the towels have brown stains in the middle.  They say online that they have a pool, and that they have: an empty pool with rusty chairs (not around but inside) and a little swamp in the middle.

So I’m giving this hotel in Tucson the award of the nastiest road stay so far.  I find that funny because this is still prettier than the place where I grew up.


  1. and the name of the keeper is Norman Bates ?

  2. Well, the bath tub had no curtain, so the setting wasn't even there.