Tuesday, August 14, 2012

My Precious Insignificance

The Cavers of Sonora are like a cathedral under the surface of Earth of five million years.  It’s is amazing that such a temple wasn’t discovered until 1955.   Actually, I saw shells dated from a time when Texas was under the ocean.

I was at the lowest chamber when the lights were turned off.  That silent and darkness make you feel the patience and indifference of nature through thousands of millennia before any human existed.

My insignificance will always be a great source of relieve.  I’m not needed, thanks havens.

Feeling small is vital for big endeavors.  If we perceive ourselves as precious, we would be too afraid to take risks.  Contemplation is the healthy counterpart of self-consciousness.  We are not the most beautiful creatures on Earth, but that’s ok unless we behave as if we were.  At that point, we turn pathetic.   

Admire, serve and create.  If we can do that we may pay our debt with Nature.

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