Monday, August 6, 2012

Toast For New Experiences (with a mug of coffee).

I left Orlando today not wanting to stay too long in a city that I already have explored enough.

The growth of Kissimmee around the entertainment industry has been an extraordinary event to observe, but today I realize what was missing.  By selling experiences (the same one, over and over again), you prostitute the process since you can't include the emotional exchange in the ticket price.   Disney World was a dream for his creator and his early fans, establishing a real emotional engagement, but now that dream is canned, and the head of the family brings his kids just because he is supposed to, not because he is part of the adventure.

In the streets, the most miserable among vacationist is the standard family father.  I saw him driving around with this anguish expression in the face, while the spouse was bitching and the children were crying.

Is terrifying how nature catches us over and over again in the trap of paternity.

I see all those teens walking the halls of the beautifully illuminated Millenia Mall, texting vigorously to their current girlfriends and boyfriends, ready to be trapped by the machinery that procures reproduction and wraps dreams.

It's pointless to try to persuade anybody to break the cycle.  It seems easier to just jump to the other side of the window and be the one who sells the tickets.

The power of the experience has nothing to do with its cost but how well it serves the purpose of stimulating our mind.  To accomplish that the stimulus just has to be new. Small experiences are rich in novelty.

In all my years in Florida, I never stopped in one of those citric stores in the middle of nothing.  Today I did it and tried for the first time these boil peanuts they sell for five dollars.  Taste like beans and kill your hunger for the rest of the day. 

Talking about new experiences, I was driving through a town called Micanopy when a banner in the road caught my eye.  The shadow of a naked woman may not draw your attention because you think it's just another night club, but this one had the word "Cafe" on it.  Really? A full nudity Starbucks?  I had to see that.  Well, it was more like a full nudity Steak & Shake.  I actually walked in and asked for an ice cream. A gorgeous head to foot naked brunet recommended me the lime pie, and I couldn’t refuse.  She brought it with a mug of coffee while another waitress was dancing over the breakfast table. Another two guys were having burgers and fries The whole environment is very illuminated, not like a nightclub at all.  The staff is very young, talkative and beautiful.  The day was slow, so they were playing around with each other and ended up in a tickling fight on the floor of the restaurant.  I couldn’t stop smiling from the moment I got in until the moment I got out.

I love innovation in any industry.

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  1. Fascinating perspective. I have always felt most people are only capable of copying what they see around them; playing a role.

    To innovation and new experiences!!