Saturday, August 25, 2012

Quiet Evening - Wild Night

The main reason you may decide to love San Diego is Balboa Park.  This is not even a real historical landmark since everything has been reconstructed to the point of looking brand new.   But the result is this peaceful and welcoming walk surrounded by Spaniard facades; busy buildings with museums and restaurants where you never find a red tape. There is so much space available for you to run, hike and get lost that you have this constant sensation of been trespassing. I found myself sharing an impressive view of the Cabrillo bridge with a confident rabbit that was sat in the dusty road without any fear.

There is an impressive amphitheater where free concerts are delivered to the public. Next Monday there will be an organ concert with Carol Williams that I wouldn't dare to miss.

I stopped by a fenced zone on the other side of the bridge.  The only purpose of that area is to unleash your dog and let him loose with other comrades, in a generous display of liability acceptance that is very rare in this litigious society. It’s moving how completely happy they are.  They just do what we humans wish to do in our minds: chasing each other for a quick hormonal exchange.

This park gives me the sensation of having so many places to sit down and write without been bothered that I can’t think of a better place to come out with a book. The convenience and the peace are there without the distractions of a major tourist landmark. Maybe this is the core value of San Diego: a perfect weather in a clean ordered city where nothing really ever happened.

After that, I went to the Horton Plaza to challenge a couple of strangers in the giant chessboard that they have on the floor nearby Macy’s. I accomplished a couple of victories but not friendships. Then I realized that I was in the middle of downtown a Friday night and I took a walk to explore. The atmosphere is very young and for sure you will find a place to match your mood, ethnicity and sexual orientation. The weather allows the party to hit the streets with a natural flow that I have not seen surpassed in any city with the exceptions of Paris or La Habana. The presence of police is maintained to a minimum. At least this night people seem to be joyfully under control.  You also have those long lines of beautiful people waiting to have a drink in a certain place as if the alcohol was banned in the rest of the city, but that's one world I never got in and I confess it’s still a mystery to me.

I’m in no hurry.  This city is inexhaustible.

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